Top 10 Android Games Of 2017

Top 10 Android Games Of 2017

Games plays an important role in maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul. Games give us a lot of exercises in forming our body as well as the mind. Today android providing the most powerful gameplay in our hands that we call android games. Playing android games can decrease our stress level and android makes gaming very easy. some of most played android games are as below

1) Blades of Brim

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By SYBO Games

Blades of Brim is a 3D endless runner where you lead a group of heroes through beautiful fantasy settings, facing hundreds of enemies along the way. The game is developed by the same creators as Subway Surfers, and it’s obvious from the very first minute.


  • New Diviner’s Armor Set for Isaac, three special Weapons (Hand of the Yeti, Moonsickle, Staff of Unsummoning) and two Pets: meet Bones the skeleton Dragon and Spirit the flying Wolf. Collect them from Chests or discover them in future special events!


  • Spot Elemental Goons in Portals.


  • Added Weapon Abilities to all existing Weapons. Which one is your favourite?


  • Multiply your Score Bonus by doing Combo hits. Combo-chains were only giving a static Score Bonus previously.
  • Score Bonus is now rewarded based on type AND rarity for Weapons, Armor Pieces and Pets.

Join forces with the heroes of Brim to save the world from the invading army of Goons!
Step into an epic and enchanting universe where magic and mayhem awaits!

android games

Games Features:

  • Battle – Hordes of hideous enemies!
  • Level up – Complete epic quests!
  • Heroes – Unlock legendary heroes!
  • Weapons – Powerful and upgradeable weapons!
  • Armor – Boost abilities and appearance!
  • Pets – Elemental wolves, horses and dragons!
  • Fast paced – Hit-combos and wall-running!
  • Portals – Ancient gateways into magical worlds!
  • The adventure begins now!

Throughout each game, you can complete missions and earn gold coins. These let you unlock new characters to join your cause and accessories to change your character’s look: new hair, outfits, and weapons.

2) Traffic Rider

android games

By Soner Kara

Traffic Rider is a first-person driving game where you get behind the handlebars of a motorcycle and drive at full speed through traffic. The tracks are always straight highways, so while you pass other cars, you don’t ever have to worry about sharp turns ahead.

Traffic Rider takes the endless racing genre to a whole new level by adding a full career mode, first person view perspective, better graphics and real life recorded bike sounds. The essence of smooth arcade racing is still there but in the shell of the next generation. Ride your bike in the endless highway roads overtaking the traffic, upgrade and buy new bikes to beat the missions in career mode.

Games Features:

  • First person camera view
  • 26 motorbikes to choose from
  • Real motor sounds recorded from real bikes
  • Detailed environments with day and night variations
  • Career mode with 70+ missions
  • Online leaderboards and 30+ achievements
  • Support for 19 languages

android games


  • The faster you ride, the more scores you get
  • When driving over 100 kmh, overtake traffic cars closely to get bonus scores and cash
  • Driving in opposite direction in two-way gives extra score and cash
  • Do wheelies to get extra score and cash

In Traffic Rider there are 20 different motorcycles to choose from. At first you can only use a low-power bike, but you’ll soon unlock larger and more powerful ones. Traffic Rider is a spectacular racing game in every way: it has several game modes, dozens of racing events, outstanding visuals, and, most importantly, a gameplay that’s perfectly adapted to touchscreens. One of the best motorcycle games on Android by far.

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3) BombSquad

android games

By Eric Froemling

BombSquad is a fun multiplayer game where your mission is to beat your opponents using bombs, fists, and wits in thrilling races, vicious fights, or classic games where what matters is getting out alive.

There are three game modes for a total of eight different players: cooperative, team, or free-for-alll. All three have the same minigames but different ways of winning.

8 Player Party Game Madness!

Blow up your friends in mini-games ranging from capture-the-flag to hockey! Featuring 8 player local/networked multiplayer, gratuitous explosions, advanced ragdoll face-plant physics, pirates, ninjas, barbarians, insane chefs, and more.

BombSquad supports touch screens as well as a variety of controllers so all your friends can get in on the action.

Challenge your friends or the computer to a plethora of mini-games including Capture-the-Flag, King-of-the-Hill, Bomber-Hockey, and of course Epic-Slow-Motion-Elimination.

Laugh gleefully as you land a perfectly-thrown sticky-bomb squarely on an opponent’s face, freeze them with an ice bomb and shatter them to bits with a punch, or just pick them up and toss them off a nearby cliff. BombSquad’s rag doll physics based gameplay ensures that every confrontation leads to a unique (and often hilarious) outcome.

android games

The goal of the game is to survive. Destroy all your opponents with bombs in either local or online multiplayer. Enjoy the ragdoll physics as your enemies get blown-up and cause mayhem with your explosions.

You have all kinds of bombs at your disposal. The simple bombs will get the job done; mines will destroy anyone who steps on them; sticky-bombs will stick to your rivals until they blow up. And then you have many other options like the boxing gloves, ice bombs and TNT. Find out the destructive effects of those by trying them out!


android games

By Vector Unit

Beach Buggy Racing is a 3D racing game in pure Mario Kart style where players drive a buggy through different settings like beaches, towns, deserts, and even jungles.

Drive into an action-packed, surprise-filled world of off-road kart racing mayhem. Race against a field of rival drivers, each with unique personalities and special abilities. Build a collection of crazy powerups, like Dodgeball Frenzy, Fireball, and Oil Slick. Unlock and upgrade a variety of cars, from dune buggies to monster trucks.

Beach Buggy Racing is simple: your buggy is always accelerating and your aim is to try to take the turns as well as you can by tilting your device in the right direction. You can also touch the screen to stop or reverse..

Games Features:

EXCITING KART-RACING ACTION: Utilize your driving skills and a collection of creative powerups to fight your way to the finish line. It’s not just a great looking 3D racing game, it’s an epic battle with spectacular physics-based gameplay!

TONS OF AMAZING POWERUPS: Beach Buggy Racing crushes other kart racers with over 25 totally unique Powerups … and more Powerups are coming!

15 SPECTACULAR RACE TRACKS: Explore dinosaur-infested jungles, lava-spewing volcanoes, beautiful beaches, and mysterious swamps. Each unique race track is packed with hidden shortcuts and surprises.

android games

SPLIT SCREEN MULTIPLAYER: Race shoulder-to-shoulder with up to 4 friends on Android TV, or a TV-connected phone or tablet. (Requires In-App Purchase)

GOOGLE PLAY GAME SERVICES: Compete with your friends on Leaderboards, earn Achievements, back up your game to the cloud, and keep multiple devices in sync with your Google account.

PLAY THE WAY YOU WANT: Seamlessly switch between tilt steering, touch-screen, and USB/Bluetooth gamepad. Customize the 3D graphics settings to optimize your play experience.

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5) Elite Killer: SWAT

android games

By CanadaDroid

Aim and Shoot! Leave no squad mate behind in this action oriented first person shooter game! Elite Killer is the #1 realistic 3D FPS game available on Google Play.

You are a well trained elite member of special weapons and tactics teams. Equipped with sub-machine guns, sniper rifles and stun grenades, you will navigate secret missions across the globe to eradicate the evil syndicate that stands in the way of a peaceful world. It is time to load out your firearms and get your 5 star FPS fix! Let the bullets fly now!

Game Features:

  • Boasting spectacular graphics and blistering action sequences
  • 30+ real world weapons and 100+ challenging levels in dozens of worldwide themes
  • Local Mission mode and online PvP mode
  • Over 16 maps
  • More than 100 levels
  • Over 30 types of weapons

android games

In Elite killer, you will have to fight an evil terrorist organisation. You will have to engage in fire fights against many evil syndicates and eliminate their threat in the society, you will be equipped with lots of diverse weapons to complete your mission objectives, you will be shipped around the world to perform your duties. Enter enemy bases, destroy terrorists, and save civilians. In this game for Android you play as an elite Special Forces soldier. Your task is to destroy the terrorists in different parts of the world. Look for classified information to detect enemy bases. Do dangerous combat missions. Shoot from sniper and assault rifles, use grenades and other weapons. Level up your hero. Compete with players from around the world.


android games

By Ping9 Games

Racing Reborn is a fast-paced, car racing game that is guaranteed to give you an adrenaline rush. The excitement only increases as you hear the real engine reverberating, feel your need for speed and put your driving skills to test. A multiplayer race heaven, it allows you to challenge expert players around the globe or fight head-on with your friends in high-speed cars of your choice. As you zoom through nine countries with different terrains and challenges, you can discover hidden shortcuts and earn boosters and points. Racing Reborn has a great graphics under 100 MB android games which makes it more efficient.

Game Features:

  • Multiplayer mode with ability to challenge anyone
  • Breathtaking terrains in 9 different countries to explore
  • Race Illegal in cities like USA, Dubai, India, Egypt, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, France, China, Italy
  • 16 different classic and futuristic cars
  • Upgrade and customise your cars to own the fastest cars
  • Adrenaline boosting nitro-drifts to unlock new game modes
  • Perform amazing drifts as your driving skills gets challenged every moment
  • Earn cash in every nook and corner as you take sharp turns
  • Discover track shortcuts and beat other players
  • Upgrade your tires as you go higher and better than asphalt racing
  • Buy new cars and explore the VIP mode that allows you to change your avatar
  • Enjoy realistic car dynamics with the new physics model
  • Cutting-edge 3D graphics that makes the game highly-addictive

android games

Racing Reborn takes customization to a new level, as it lets you choose from an array of cars, change colors according to your preference, turn car lights on or off and change tires. The cutting edge technology lets you play online while providing the experience of playing on a LAN connection.

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7) Clash of Crime Mad City War Go

android games

By CactusGamesCompany

Deceive police, double-crossed the mafia, have fun, go for a drive on steep sport muscle cars, earn money at various works, promote your authority in the eyes of large mafias, that all depends on you! A huge number of weapons, awesome cars, girls, shootings, car pursuits, actions in the second part of the famous game Clash of Crime Mad City War Go! Reload your weapon, hit the gas and hold on tight – it’s the most colorful action in your life. Clash of Crime open a new world, bringing to life the dark and seedy underworld of Mad City. Clash of crime Mad City War Go becomes a GTA game like in android games.

Game Features:

  • Countless hours of gameplay
  • Visually stunning updated graphics, character and vehicle models
  • High-Definition quality resolution
  • Gameplay optimized for touch screen devices
  • Customization traffic frequency

Game storyline:

A young boy named Jason, has been living for 10 years in the Ghetto, and he constantly needed money for his existence.

Jason was determined to tie the dirty deals and forget the dark past. But one day, his brother persuaded to go on a very profitable business for
the last time, but unfortunately the last time was only for his brother. Jason was tricked and everything has become more dangerous. Jason executes orders of his cousin, to release him from detention in local prison, to help him with the weapon.

android games
They decided to get into the mafia and ultimately avenge the main boss of the cartel in a mad city go.

You have just become the most wanted man in the city. In a place where crime is everywhere, you will have to hold your gun tightly and take part in the wildest mafia wars ever!


android games


Crazy Taxi City Rush is the first installment in the Crazy Taxi franchise to be exclusive to mobile devices, and for the occasion comes with a game system and controls that are perfectly adapted to touchscreens. Crazy Taxi has become most played games on the desktop as well as in android games.

Drive crazy in SEGA’s all-new car racing game Crazy Taxi. Race through the city in your car to deliver your passengers on-time — the crazier you drive the higher your rewards! Your car, your rules – speed, drift, whip around corners, weave through traffic, up ramps and into the air to race the clock. Build and fully customize a fun collection of modern and classic cabs ready to race. Drive your car and passengers crazy across a huge and expanding 3D city: downtown, uptown, on the beach, and more.

Game Features:

  • Intuitive one-touch driving controls
  • All-new city to master and explore
  • All-new cast of crazy passengers
  • Crazy variety of special missions and challenges
  • Expand the city for higher pay and crazier routes
  • Drive crazy to music from your personal library
  • Portrait and landscape modes
  • The basic idea of Crazy Taxi City Rush is the same as the rest of the titles in the saga: take loads of passengers to their destinations while making them enjoy themselves enormously along the way.

android games

Players won’t have total control over the taxi’s movement, but rather can change lanes by sliding a finger across the screen, or making a pronounced turn by holding down on one side. With this simple control system you can maneuver the taxi comfortably and intuitively.

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android games

By Glu

Sniper X Feat Jason Statham is an FPS where players don’t play just any shooter, no way. This time you’ll have the chance to play Jason Statham, the prolific, charismatic actor from action movies like Transporter, The Expendables, and The Mechanic who dropped in android games.

As the one and only Sniper X, you’ll team up with action star Jason Statham to become the free world’s ultimate weapon against the forces of chaos and terror! As part of the Statham’s elite paramilitary team SPEAR, you’ll work side by side to dismantle terrorists and rogue states that conventional forces can’t touch.


  • Study the art of the kill under SPEAR’s commander, voiced by action star Jason Statham!
  • As Sniper X, you’ll take on hundreds of military missions in incredible 3D environments
  • Innovative upgrades make your sniper rifle into a truly customized killing machine
  • Eliminate enemy soldiers, officers, vehicles, and even drones in thrilling first-person action
  • Zoom in and slow down time with Focus, built in to every sniper rifle
  • See your kills confirmed with a dramatic kill-cam
  • The Perfect Shot system rewards careful aim with bonus cash and more!
  • Star in your own action movie, with Jason Statham calling every kill and conquest

android games

One of the game’s strong points is that you can use not only sniper rifles, but also shotguns and machine guns. Each mission requires a different type of gun, meaning, for example, you can’t head off on a shotgun mission with a sniper rifle.


android games

By Warner Bros. International Ent

Play as the CIA’s finest or the KGBs best in the new 3D multiplayer action-based adventure game, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. – Mission: Berlin. Choose your spy and complete the Top Secret missions. Once a mission is complete, use points to upgrade your spy’s abilities then record and share gameplay.

Mission: Berlin is a third-person action game where you play the two main characters from the movie The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (directed by Guy Ritchie). The game is set in a city that can be explored freely on foot or by car.

To begin, you select one of the characters. Each one has his own unique abilities, which will get better as you continue playing. You have to improve your health, aim, and stealthiness in order to overcome the most difficult challenges. Also, you can get new weapons like machine guns, rifles, and laser cutters.

This game has been designed for fast devices. Graphics quality settings can be changed in the settings menu.

android games

Since Mission: Berlin is a sandbox game, you can move around the city freely, looking for missions and fighting your enemies anytime and anywhere. Also, multiplayer mode lets you fight against other players online.

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